Is Your Dental Practice Invisible
to Patients Online?

Yes, I Need to be Found When Patients in My Area
Search for Dentists Online

Make Me Rank

Helping Endodontists, Orthodontists, Pediatric Dentists, Periodontists,
and Prosthodontists Rank High in Search Engines and Grow Their Dental Practice

Ever Wondered Why Some Dentists in Your Area
are Booked Weeks in Advance
While Your Dental Office isn’t Visited
by as Many Patients as You would Like?

HINT: The Competing Dentists are Either Smart Marketers Themselves


They Work with Smart SEO Agencies Who Appreciate that Succeeding Online Requires More than Just High Search Engine Rankings

Are you looking for a dental SEO company to work hard on your behalf to get new patients booking appointments and visiting your clinic?

At Last, an SEO Company that Understands Internet Marketing for Dentists has to be Different from that for Plumbers, House Painters, Electricians, Car Repair Shops, Art Galleries, and Ecommerce Stores

Four Great Reasons to Hire Third Molar SEO for Your Search Engine Optimization Project

1. Get New Patients for Your Dental Practice

Right from the selection of keywords-that-matter-to-your-dental-clinic to conversion of traffic into appointments, our focus will be to help patients find your dental practice and call your office for appointments.

After all, that’s why you are hiring a dental SEO company.

Take the first step today on your journey to more patient appointments

2. Enhance Your Dental Office’s Online Reputation

We Make Our Clients’ Dental Practice Look Good Online

Like you, your patients too prefer to buy services from reputable service providers. They would prefer to visit a dentist who not only is a good dentist, but also APPEARS to be a good dentist when they search online.

Your dental office needs to rank high…AND it needs to score high on reputation

Seems daunting?

Not anymore…

We will do all the grunt (and smart) work to enhance the reputation and online visibility of your dental office without posting fake reviews

Get in touch with us for the added bonus of an improved online reputation in addition to higher rankings for your dental practice.

3. Work with the Experts Who Care About Your Online Assets

We Appreciate that Your Website is an Important, Long-Term Asset

Your SEO company’s short-term focus on quickly achieving high rankings for your dental office can have disastrous consequences for your practice, if search engines penalize your website.

Don’t be a sob story.

Easy peasy days of quick rankings are gone and going against the grain of search engine algorithms can do irreparable damage to your website’s rankings.

Your website needs to be optimized for long-term results.

Protecting your site from sinking in the sea of search engine results is as important as ranking it higher. And, we appreciate this.

Work with the dental SEO company that keeps the long-term interests of their clients in mind when optimizing their websites.

4. Affordable Dental SEO Services for Higher Rankings and ROI

We are Competitively Priced and We Deliver Huge Value

We know controlling expenses is critical for all businesses including dental offices.

That’s why, our dental SEO services are competitively priced while delivering quality and results. When you win, we win – so we don’t price ourselves out of the market that needs our services the most.

Are you looking for a dental SEO company that delivers value without costing a small fortune?

Yes, I am.

Make Me Rank

Are We a Good Match for Your Dental SEO Project?

We are a good match for you, if:

You have realistic expectations…

…and understand that tons of organic search traffic cannot be achieved overnight.


Because, the competing dentists have probably been investing in SEO and optimizing their dental websites for years and it’s not easy to outrank the well-entrenched competitors overnight.

We can get you there in a realistic timeframe and once you’re there, we can keep you on top.
You dental practice languishes in search engines as if it never existed…

…..and you sometimes wonder if your website is cursed to lower rankings.
Your dental office was ranking high…

…but its rankings tanked. You scoured the internet to find answers only to get more confused and frustrated and you are about to give up.
You spend a lot of money on PPC campaigns…

…thinking that ranking high in search engines is impossible or takes forever to achieve.

You previously hired an SEO company…

…and they swindled your money and / or sank your website’s rankings and now the word ‘SEO’ makes you think of snake oil salesmen or con artists.
Your do in-house SEO…

…and so far the results have been mixed. You thought of consulting a company for a fresh perspective, but haven’t found the right SEO company yet that knows how to do dental SEO.
You run a dental website design company…

…and receive inquiries for dental SEO. You hired an in-house SEO help who has so far managed to get your dentist clients listed in Google top 50 and the dentists are obviously not satisfied.

We provide white label dental SEO services to dental web design companies, which means that they can claim our work as their own. Contact us today to start delivering high rankings and quality services to your dentist clients.

You are concerned about confidentiality.

We won’t share your dental SEO project’s details. Your information is safe with us. Still concerned and want to sign an NDA before we start? No problem.

Yes, Third Molar SEO is a good match for my project.

Make Me Rank

About Us

We Do Dental SEO and Do It Well


We are the Bangalore-based dental SEO company of choice helping dentists gain visibility for their dental practice online by helping them rank high in search engines, especially Google. We keep our clients’ interests ahead of ours and we believe in delivering value.

Our unique strength is our ability to think from a dental patient’s perspective, choose appropriate keywords, and optimize dental websites accordingly.

Great to know.

Make Me Rank

The Team That Makes It Happen

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

Third Molar SEO team that works tirelessly to make our clients’ SEO projects a success:


Manager (International Sales)


Project Manager

Liza C

Team Leader


Development Lead


Sr. SEO Executive


Assistant Manager (SEO)


Subject Matter Expert (Offsite SEO)


SEO Analyst



Dilip Kumar Raju

SEO Executive

Sindhu Wodeyar

SEO Analyst




Sr. SEO Analyst




List of Our Clients’ Verticals

* Endodontics
* Orthodontics
* Prosthodontics
* Pediatric dentistry
* Preventive dentistry
* Periodontics
* Oral pathology
* Oral medicine

Dental SEO Services That Make a Difference

This is What We Do to Rank Dental Offices in Search Engines

* Keyword Research
* Onpage or Onsite SEO
* Offsite SEO or Link Building
* Local SEO (Google Maps Rankings)
* SEO Consulting
* SEO Audit
* Link Audit

* Video SEO (VSEO)
* Citation Building
* Online Reputation Management
* Content Creation (by Native English Writers)
* Content Optimization
* Optimization of Press Releases
* Syndication of Press Releases

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